Compare with good film poster and bad film poster

Good film poster example:


I choose this film poster for the good film poster it is becauses there are a noticeble key signifiers, a high denotative levels and also they also communicating to an audience successfully.
A noticeble key signifiers: The key signifiers in this movie poster is the boat and two main charater in this movie. The boat and two charater have got about 50% each in the poster, so that was very signify.
A high denotative levels: The poster is denoting a romantic story, we can see the man is hugging the girl. And also the boat is very big in the poster, therefore the denotative levels are very high.
Communicating to an audience successfully: The poster want to communicate a story which is a man and a girl was something happened on the boat, and though the picture which is the man hugging the girl to let audience know that movie is a romantic movie.

Bad film poster example:


I choose this for a bad film poster it is because there are no any key signifiers, low denotative , low connotative levels and cannot communicate to an audience. We can not see any signifiers in this poster, we can just only see there a man in front of the camera and there no any meanings. And there also no any connotative and denotative things, it can not communicate to the audience. Therefore, I think it is a bad film poster.


Film analysis – Charile and the Chocolate Factory


Summary of Charile and the Chocolate Factory:

This film is talking about an 11-year-old boy named Charlie Bucket lives in poverty in a tiny house with his parents and four grandparents. Their house is just near the Wonka chocolate factory, Charlie love the factory so much, he even use many different material to make a model of the chocolate. One Day, Willy Wonka, the owner of the Wonka chocolate factory, has suddenly decided to open the doors of his factory to five children and their parents after 10 years of keeping it sealed because his rivals were stealing his recipes. In order to choose who will enter the factory and also receive a lifetime supply of chocolate, Mr. Wonka hides five golden tickets in the wrappers of his Wonka chocolate bars.

Lastly, there are five children get the golden tickets, The first four golden tickets are found by the gluttonous Augustus Gloop, the spoiled and petulant Veruca Salt, the gum-addicted Violet Beauregarde, and the TV-obsessed Mike Teavee. At this moment, there are only one golden ticket have not been find in the world. Finally, Charlie sees a fifty-pence coin buried in the snow. He decides to use a little of the money to buy himself some chocolate before turning the rest over to his mother. He buys two bars, and after unwrapping the second chocolate bar, Charlie finds the fifth golden ticket. The next day is the date that Mr. Wonka has set for his guests to enter the factory.

In the factory, Charlie and Grandpa Joe enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the factory, and encounter the Oompa-Loompas, a race of small people who have been helping Wonka operate the factory since he rescued them from poverty and fear in their home country of Loompaland. The other kids are ejected from the factory in comical, mysterious and painful fashions. Augustus Gloop falls into the Chocolate River when he wants to drink it, and he is sucked up by one of the pipes. Violet Beauregarde impetuously grabs an experimental piece of gum and turns into a giant blueberry. Veruca Salt is determined to be a “bad nut” by nut-judging squirrels who throw her out with the trash. The television lover, Mike Teavee, is shrunk to a tiny size and gets stuck inside a TV set. At the end, the children are seen going home as follows: Augustus squeezed thin by the pipe; Violet purple all over; Veruca covered in trash; and Mike 10 feet tall and thin as a wire after efforts to restore his proper size went wrong.

Finally, Charile Bucket is the only one who can still not in trouble, so he win the factory.

Advertisment Symbolic & written signifiers


lighting & colours:

First of all, there are two parts of the lighting in this advertisement, first one, is the background which is the auditorium behind the football player(Neymar), it is very dark, we can not see anything on the auditorium, but, there are a a lot of LED light on the top of the auditorium which is very shine and bright. Those of the lights is irradiate to Neymar, and this is the second part of this advertisement. The light make Neymar is very prominent. For the colours, orange is the main colour in this advertisement, orange is very shine and prominent because of the darkness, because this Nike advertisement is want to promote the orange football shoes, therefore, the main colour is orange, we can see the fire behind Neymar and the clothes are also orange.

Positioning of words & images:

No metter the main words or Neymar, they are both in the centre of the advertisement. Because Neymar is running and the word is want to explain how fast is Neymar running and to prove out the main connotation: you can run very fast if you wear this shoes.

Setting & Locations:

We can see there are three orange pole behind Neymar, and there are a line of smoke around this three pole, the meaning is Neymar is runnging so fast. Nike is want to prove this shoes is very powerful and speed.

Facial Expressions & body language(of people):

Neymar is looking to a target and his body language is running, it is a big action, it’s mean he will keep running to his target place.

Typeface/Font style:

The typeface of the advertisement is all capitial, and we can see the words “EXPLOSIVE” is split, and let people think that is very powerful and speed. And the reason of the word is using white colour is because the background is dark and black, and it is very prominent for using white colour.

Key (Main) Images/Signifiers:

the key images is the football shoes and Neymar absolutely, but if only can choose one main images, I will say is the shoes but not Neymar, because the football shoes is more prominent than Neymar. Firstly, we can see the dress of Neymar is black, there are only some orange here, but the football shoes is all orange and it is very bright. Secondly, Nike want to show people: Neymar success is because he is wearing Nike footballl shoes or products. Therefore, I will choose the football shoes as the key images.

Clothing, hair & make up:

The main colour of the clothing is black because Nike want to promote the shoes, and the hair of Neymar is very messy and not any make up, because Nike want to show the real time of Neymar playing football. At the time when player play seriously, no one will get a make up. 


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