Compare with good film poster and bad film poster

Good film poster example:


I choose this film poster for the good film poster it is becauses there are a noticeble key signifiers, a high denotative levels and also they also communicating to an audience successfully.
A noticeble key signifiers: The key signifiers in this movie poster is the boat and two main charater in this movie. The boat and two charater have got about 50% each in the poster, so that was very signify.
A high denotative levels: The poster is denoting a romantic story, we can see the man is hugging the girl. And also the boat is very big in the poster, therefore the denotative levels are very high.
Communicating to an audience successfully: The poster want to communicate a story which is a man and a girl was something happened on the boat, and though the picture which is the man hugging the girl to let audience know that movie is a romantic movie.

Bad film poster example:


I choose this for a bad film poster it is because there are no any key signifiers, low denotative , low connotative levels and cannot communicate to an audience. We can not see any signifiers in this poster, we can just only see there a man in front of the camera and there no any meanings. And there also no any connotative and denotative things, it can not communicate to the audience. Therefore, I think it is a bad film poster.


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