My habits

I have many habits, such as playing football, collecting sneaker and singing…

Playing football


I start to played football when I was just 5 years old because of my dad, he always watching football match at home, I still remember the first match which I had watched is Manchester United against Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo was still in Manchester, He is my idol, I always watching him and imitate his style while playing football. I saw football is my life, I spent so much time to play football no matter what, Because my dream is to be a professional football player.

Collecting sneaker


Yeezy, Air Jordan, Ultra boost and Air max… many people think that collecting sneaker is wasting money. Yes, collecting sneaker need so much money especially some retro or some limited edition.


There are my sneakers, the most expensive sneaker I have been spent is “Adidas Yeezy boost 350”, it is about £1000 and I love that so much.



I love Singing as well, I sing everyday, I have been join so many singing concert at Hong Kong. I think music is a medicine, when I feel pressure or upset, I would sing or listen to music, the lyrics of the songs always point out what I think. that’s why I love singing.











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