My life in CIT classes

My purpose for studying this course

Computers are programmed to sort and analysis data which is very handy in daily life. It is important to learn how to manipulate artificial intelligence properly. In CIT classes, we are encouraged to learn about the correct usages of Microsoft Word and Excel. We are also introduced to a blog-hosting website – WordPress.

What I have understood and enjoyed

Microsoft Word and Excel are common software programs that are used in schools and workplaces. These programs allow documenting and recording data easier and more convenient. I find the course really enjoyable and it is fascinating to learn about all the built-in functions in the programs. Everything was fairly self-explanatory. Using WordPress was easier than I expected as its layout mimics a Word document.

What I have found difficult or contradictory


I have the most difficult thing is teaching with English, I am really bad in speaking and listening English, therefore, I always don’t understand when the teacher need us to do something.

What I need to know more about

The course has brought my attention to the concept of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a severe offense and it is important to reference or credit the original author.

How we are taught

CIT lessons are very independent. We are given instruction sheets and we are expected to follow the instructions step by step. At the end of each module, we have to take part in a test which examines our understanding of different software.

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