I love English!

I love english

My reason for studying this course

This is my first year studying in England. My first language is Cantonese therefore I do not speak English often at home. I find English classes at Bellerbys very helpful as it improves my English.

Differences and similarities between academic and general English

one of the examples of the main differences between academic and general English is that academic English focuses more on grammatical techniques; while general English is about communication. One of the similarities  between academic and general English is that both of that improve my  English.

What I have enjoyed and disliked

My English teacher uses humour in class, which I find it very enjoyable. I also enjoy taking in part in debates. The only thing I dislike about English lesson is that I am very bad at English and it is very hard for me to understand what the teacher is saying in class.

English is difficult!


Some times I struggle in class because I do not fully understand what the teacher is saying. Luckily, I receive a lot of help from my teacher. I feel like my English is improving day by day.

What I need to know more about

England is very difference from what I have experience back at home. I am very keen on learning more about the British culture, especially daily slangs.

How we are taught

Lesson at Bellerbys are very different from what I’ve been used to. Here, lesson are more interactive and students feel more engaged in class. We are encouraged to express our thoughts and ask questions.







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