My reflection on my main subject – Media

My purpose for studying Media


Nowadays, everyone must contact to media everyday, social network, watching news, chat with friends… I think that is important for human and there are many chance for the jobs, and my purpose for studying Media is to be a best news reporter, my family also expect me to be a famous news reporter when I grow up.

What I have understood so far


Although I want to be a news reporter, I have so much question from Media, there are many things need to learn and understand, like journalism, I really don’t know what I need to write about this, I hope I can understand all the knowledge from Media in Bellerbys.

What I find difficult or contradictory

The most difficult thing to learn is all the works are using English, I am poor in English, and when I listen to teacher or doing homework, I must always with a dictionary and therefore I can check the word that I don’t know immediately.

What I need to know more about


I need  to know more about some writing and speaking skills, and also English vocabulary. If I can improve those of them, that will be more easy to srudy Media. I know if I want to know more about those of things, I must work hard and work hard.

How I taught

Although there are many problem while having class or studying, I will be alright, because I will never give up! I must work hard for my future!



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