Brighton – the most beautiful city I have ever been

My first impressions of the UK when I got off the plane

I got off my plane at London Heathrow airport on 29/10, it was a sunny day. I was really tired but when I saw the view of UK, I am really excited and not tired anymore!



Before I came to UK, I thought that UK is a “raining country”, I was changed my mind for UK after I had seen this awesome view, that is a great country! The warm sun, the blue sky, and the nice people…


My first impressions of Brighton when I arrived here

I think Brighton is big different with other city, It is a leisure city, there are a wonderful  sea that I had ever seen before, I think the resident who are living in Brighton didn’t get any pressure.

Hill Hui

I really drank in this beauty of the landscape, I must bring my girlfriend there one day.

Study sport in university

I want to study sport in university, because I love doing different kind of sport very much especially football, I had join many sport team when I was study in secondary school.
Sport closeup detail

Also, I know football is famous in UK, so I hope I can have a good development with playing football.


I want to be a famous football player at the future

Yes, that look impossible, that look naive. But this is my dream, that’s why I choose study in UK. In Hong Kong, there are not pay attention to develop football.

that’s me 🙂

In Hong Kong, I must pay if I want to play football on the pitch with grass, but it is free in UK. This pitch is just opposite to my house and I practice every morning. I want to improve myself and I will never give up, That’s my dream.


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